“When I need to say something in my own way, I use the power of art.” – Julia Penny

Julia Penny’s published book, “From All Walks of Life” combines her artistic capabilities as a fine artist with her innate ability to record life experiences.

Created in honour of Canada’s 150th year of Confederation in 2017, the book documents the incredible histories of 151 Canadian immigrants, including Julia herself. Using both portraits and words, the book explores the amazing tales of fortitude and resilience that immigrants face while making Canada their new home.

“We were, and are, from every part of the globe, with our unique reason for why, when, and how we came to call Canada home. We homesteaded; we escaped oppression; we came to find a better life for our family; we were sent here alone as children; we were young newlyweds looking to build a new future; we brought our young children so they could have opportunities that were unattainable elsewhere.

One thing that we all had in common is that we gambled on Canada. We came to this great country to change the future for ourselves and our children.” – Julia Penny

From All Walks of Life

Book Illustration