“Most things fade away, but a painting lasts forever!” - Julia Penny

Fine artist Julia Penny creates unique expressions of face and form. Rumoured to be born with a pencil in her hand, she is also frequently found holding a paintbrush dripping with luscious colour.

Formally trained in graphic design, Julia believes that, “If you scratch a designer, you’ll find an artist underneath.” When she’s not completing a custom portrait painting, drawing commission, or pet painting commission, she’s probably creating momentous landscapes or multi-media art.

As a Canadian painting and drawing artist with a passion for portraiture and figurative art, Julia has completed numerous commissions for clients around the world. She places importance on making an image – or memory – come to life. The constant goal of capturing truth and essence is evident in her pencil drawings, oil and acrylic paintings, and painting and drawing commissions.

Born in England, Julia resided in the United Kingdom and East Africa until becoming a Canadian resident in 1967. After living in the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan, she settled in rural Manitoba, Canada.

Julia enjoys the solitude and spaciousness found in the Canadian prairies, which is represented throughout her artwork.

Julia Penny drawing
Julia Penny Artist